Who we are

Hey! 👋

We’re cutewrld. A family owned business based in California. We’ve been lifelong collectors of a variety of brands. We've always wanted to help others find cute things. We started cutewrld to provide an alternative shopping experience for collectors, fans and people interested in finding cute new products.

cutewrld is a new business, but our mission as a business is to be a store you can rely on, we believe in honesty, paying workers and contractors fairly and ensuring we do everything we can to provide you with a seamless, stress free shopping experience:

Thank you,

Your friends here at cutewrld 💖

  • We listen to our customers ❤️

    By negotiating with wholesalers, communicating with our community and listening to what people want. We are able to stock merchandise that people want at a reasonable and sustainable price.

    On our social media we have polling to decide what gets stocked and what gets dropped.

  • We cut down on waste wherever possible

    Unnessasary consumerism is linked to waste, landfills and pollution. At cutewrld we use compostable mailers and biodegradable boxes to ensure that our impact on the environment is minimal compared to the benefit we give to our customers.

  • We help you save money

    Many companies look to maximize their profits even at the expense of their consumers.

    Our goal has always been to be a store that is both affordable and gives back to the people who spend their hard earn money here.

    We have a “forever 5%” discount in place and have regular giveaways. No store credit card needed ❤️